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Here's a revolutionary but simple way to take full
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Sampling is all around us, growing in popularity and sophistication, and extremely effective. Many brands maintain that it's the single most effective way of recruiting new consumers to a brand. But it could work even harder.

When you sample, you invest your money and our time into unique engagements with the public – it's a win-win scenario for the consumer, but the brand could be getting more out of this. Much more.

We see sampling as the perfect opportunity to open an ongoing relationship with consumers. Industry evidence of the effectiveness of permission-based marketing is overwhelming. Years ago, keeping in regular contact with consumers was costly. With email however, communications are fast, effective and virtually free.

So, going back to the sampling, let's stop for a moment to consider the transaction. There's a fundamental exchange at the point of sampling – the brand gives a sample, and very often a coupon – the consumer gives valuable feedback, potential sales, and a potential ambassadorial role – but it's within the brand's powers to take much more control of this situation. This is the single best opportunity for the brand to ask for something in exchange, to fully take advantage of the precious moment of the sampling – when one party gives, the other party is instantly on the back foot. It needn't be anything major – but for a fleeting moment, the brand has the 'upper hand'.

And this moment is being wasted.

Our sampling model challenges this time-honoured tradition of the consumer coming out on top. We view this as the perfect opportunity to take control of the conditions that we have created, and to use this to obtain the email address of the consumer in 'payment' for the sample – and like most transactions, there's no reason payment shouldn't come before the sample.

If necessary, bump up the value of the transaction.... 'let us have your name and email address and you can try this delicious sample - and we'll email you more money-off vouchers with lists of stockists'.

So, both the brand and the consumer come out of the exchange having benefited, which is how it should be. And the brand has the opportunity to begin a permission-based email campaign that informs, entertains and incentivises further purchase.

And that's Bite's 'Sampling to Sales' model. Simple to apply, and what better email prospect than someone who has already tasted your product...?

Bite have teamed up with leading data segmentation experts Blue Sheep to provide management of the data produced if appropriate – so there's a ready-made permission-based marketing platform available to you as soon as the sampling has finished.

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