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There's a lot to consider when providing quality food and drink sampling, as you'll know. Even ambient often needs chilling on hot days, cooked food cools quickly, and frozen food warms quickly. Experienced hands are essential to keep stock in perfect condition, to present food & drink at its best, and to serve with a smile.

Ambient Sampling
We provide sampling of ambient food and drink on an ongoing basis in venues across the UK, and this varies from very short shelf-life (such as fresh bread which is replenished daily), to Green & Black’s chocolate bars with a shelf life of many months.
We put significant emphasis on making food and drink sampling look as appetising as possible – perhaps not so difficult when we’re sampling chocolate, but some products require a little more imagination to make them appeal to the taste buds – especially at different times of the day.
Classics are savoury dips and sweet spreads – do you partner with another brand as the vehicle, and if you do, how do you stop them from taking the limelight...
We’ve managed these scenarios for years with great success.
Chilled & Frozen sampling
For chilled and frozen product sampling, everything's in the planning, and particularly in the timing. Get either of these wrong and you have spoiled stock, wasted resources and stock shortages.
Every product sampling campaign requires a detailed eye and highly experienced hands to make the whole experience a pleasure for the consumer.
Bite Sampling have been specialists in food sampling for many years – we've worked very successfully with numerous brands encompassing:
Chilled Products
Ensuring product is stored at the right temperature, regularly monitored and presented to the public in optimum condition. We've sampled all food categories from dairy, meats, fruit, veg and prepared meals to alcohol - while obtaining the correct licences to do so and where necessary the chefs to cook and prepare the product on set.
Frozen Products
We've been all over the UK sampling frozen deserts, ice cream, pizza, bread, meats and more to an enthusiastic public. Volume preparation from frozen brings a number of practical and organisational skill sets together. We have years of experience in this and a host of very happy food brands.
Plus those foods which are stored chilled and then cooked by our chefs in live cooking demonstrations – including bacon, sausages, eggs, chilled ready meals, mince, lasagne, pizza, garlic bread and many more.
Hot & Prepared sampling
This really is the fun part – taking project management skills to their limits to produce seemingly effortless demonstrations and delicious-tasting bites.
We provide static and mobile facilities for food preparation and food heating – from camper vans and mobile trailers to static exhibition sets.
We'll arrange for the power supplies, the cookers, the cooking hardware, the ingredients, and of course professional chefs and staff. We'll grill, microwave, fry, bake, boil, steam – all within safe working environments.
Again, hot and prepared food provides opportunity for pairings - a classic example was beer and freshly barbequed sausages – both, obviously, reasonably popular on their own, but product flies off the shelves when they're offered together.
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